Northern Lites Alaskan Malamutes
Holly & Larry Donovan, AKC Breeder of Merit


We’ve had Nova for almost 7 months.  I just wanted to let you know, she is such a great dog.  I absolutely think you chose the pick of the litter for us.  She is a beautiful dog, but she is so much more.  She’s gentle, intelligent, obedient, loves people.  I can’t imagine not having her in our family at this point.  Wherever we go, parks, stores, the neighborhood, people constantly stop and want to pet her and say how well behaved and beautiful she is.  I’d forgotten what a wonderful animal the Malamute is.  She will always be well loved and cared for in our home. -Wesley S.


We have a 3 month old Northern Lites Alaskan Malamute female named, Minka. She’s a precious bundle of furry joy. She’s very smart and while we are working on house training, her accidents are small and only about once every two weeks. I keep her with me almost constantly and exercise her consistently with walks and short runs 3 times a day plus lots of outside time in between. Minka is quiet, loving, playful and spends a lot of time with our 4 kids and cat. She loves everyone she meets and gets along well with other dogs. Plus, she’s absolutely beautiful. We LOVE our Malamute! -Stephanie S.


Clyde is an amazing dog! Super sweet, but sassy too. :) I cannot even tell you how many compliments he gets whenever we are out on a walk... seriously more than we can possibly keep track of! He watches over our 2 young kids whenever they are outside playing, and has adopted the neighbor kids as well. He has become part of their "pack". Thanks again for bringing Clyde into our family! -Megan and Jay N.


Sam is a very sweet boy, typical Mal in that he can be strong willed, and stubborn but still... he's a joy. What really amazes me is how perfect his conformation is; he is now at 5 months - an exact copy of his adult self but in 3/4 to half size. He's very well built, very sweet and very healthy. I really do believe he would Champion out if I had the time and ability to show him. Thank you so much for breeding such a wonderful Malamute and keeping the breed standard as well as you have. -Bill


Thank you again, for this kind, loving little boy. Storm is a happy, loving, fun little 7 month old. Rocky and Riley make the sweetest puppies. Love him too pieces....❤️❤️ -Lorraine W.


Mochi is getting close to his one year mark, and he has become a very handsome boy. He has a very sweet disposition, with occasional ornery moments. Loves to play, and to eat.  He is pleasantly lazy with his naps, and he is protective of Natalie and her bun in the oven.  I'm still working on his training, but overall he does well. He is a touch stubborn - but lovingly so. We are very pleased with him in general, that we will get him a sister to play with.  We hope that once we get a house with a good yard, we would want to seek another puppy of yours. -Clay M.


Lily is doing awesome and is absolutely loved by the entire family. I had been the biggest reason to get Lily, but my husband and children love her so much. I work from home six days a week and she goes to a local doggie daycare the day I am not home. She loves playing with other dogs so much! -Terri G.


We were certified by Therapy Dogs International (TDI), when Major was 19 months old. Shortly thereafter, we started making visits to nursing homes, a children's hospital, and a parish elementary school. Then we started making visits for Hosparus Health and have been doing them almost exclusively ever since. I am proud to say, to date, we have made a total of 766 visits of which 616 have been for Hosparus Health. TDI issues certificates of achievement for reaching different levels of visits (50, 150, 250, 350, and 500). The top-level that they award is 500 visits or the TDI Gold Award, and we have far surpassed that. We reached that level on February 10, 2020. I am extremely proud of Major. He is a wonderful dog and companion who is fantastic at doing therapy dog visits. He loves people and has the perfect temperament for it. He has never had a crossword for anyone. Without a doubt, doing pet therapy visits for Hosparus Health has been the most rewarding experience of my life. -William Z.

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